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If you’ve ever wondered what happens to damaged cars, you’re not alone. There are lots of reasons that cars are totaled even when still usable, but insurance salvage companies can help you find and purchase these at a good price.

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Most autos that are truly damaged end up being crushed and scrapped because state laws require insurance companies to proclaim cars as totaled if the price of the damage exceeds a predetermined amount. States have laws that differ, so you’ll want to find out what laws are in effect in your own state. Sometimes these vehicles are sold to dealers while others are broken down into parts, and a few are repaired for future use. Some cars that are totaled are simply recovered stolen vehicles that were already owned free and clear when they’re located.

As a company that specializes in selling vehicles such as trucks, cars, boats and even motorcycles, we work with insurance salvage companies throughout the United States to bring opportunities for people to purchase vehicles labeled as damaged cars when they’re not really damaged. This allows the public to buy those vehicles at the same cost as a dealer would pay. Save up to 75% of MSRP of a Car.

Where do we get our Vehicles?

We broker items on behalf of several industries:

  • Insurance companies Auctions
  • Banks Repos
  • Finance companies
  • Fleet operators
  • Auto Dealers
  • Car dealerships.
  • Insurance Auto Auctions
  • Public Car Auctions and Government Auctions

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It does not matter what you’re planning to buy — it may be a car, a pick-up truck or even a rebuild title car, salvage vehicles are one of the best choices in the market. For those who don’t understand the term salvage, it’s a title given for vehicles whose insurance money has been paid off.

While some of such cars are unusable, there is a pretty chance that you can repair one of the salvage vehicles and use them in the future. That having said, it’s not a kid’s game to purchase one of the effective insurance salvage cars or trucks from an auction.


Random Selection Never Helps

Don’t think that random selection is going to get you a nice salvage vehicle. As we said earlier, there are both good and bad vehicles in a normal salvage auction. If you don’t pay attention to the details, you’re going to spend more money on repairs.

Check History of Possible Fire/Water Damages

For instance, you should check one of the car history reports to see if the car has been subjected to water or fire damage. Both can harm the internals and externals of the vehicle, and if the internals is damaged, you’re no way near rescue. Just because a salvage vehicle is available for a lower price, you should not rush.

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Where To Buy Salvage Cars?


About Re-Building a Salvage or Damaged Vehicle

There are always ways you can repair and re-build a salvage car or a pick-up truck — and, yes, an RV too. But it should be noted that you’re looking for some price savings too. And, you would never want to spend a few thousand dollars more for repairing a vehicle. If you ask us, we’d recommend getting a mechanic’s help when you’re about to visit the car in person. Another great way to MakeoftheCar sure you get a wonderful insurance salvage car is to MakeoftheCar the purchase from a trusted, reliable and top-of-the-industry insurance salvage seller. In this way, you can be sure that you get one of the best vehicle collection to choose from. We find the best salvage deals for You.

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Benefits of Buying Salvage Cars

A rebuilding of salvage cars is a trend now. At the same time, insurance companies are salvaging more vehicles than ever today. Perhaps there are several reasons to it, and the prime amongst them is the cost attached to getting them up and running again. However, trading in salvage cars requires investors to be careful about them and requires strict scrutiny. We at INSURANCE SALVAGE SELLER can guide you through the benefits of buying a salvage automobile.

To understand how buying salvage cars can be beneficial, we need to understand the value of such vehicles. These are automobiles that insurance companies have tagged undrivable or totaled. The insurance companies do not provide funds for their repair but instead compensates their owners for the same. These are often kept at insurance company hubs for some time before they are disassembled.

Are Salvage Cars Usable?

What happens often is that insurance companies and owners overlook the damage done to the vehicle in a bid to getting rid of the lengthy formalities and reconstruction process. However, an expert mechanic would know that some of these cars are repairable.
An important thing to keep in mind with regards to this is that once a car gets salvaged, the salvaged tag remains branded on it forever. After you set the necessary repairs, it needs to go through an assessment by the DMV for it to be able to get back to the road without any legal problems. Once the automobile is verified as usable, it is rebranded as a “rebuilt.” Throughout this entire process, you need to invest in the right amount of effort and resources into the redevelopment process.

Why buy Salvage Cars?

Amongst the myriad benefits of salvaged cars, some are as follows.

1. Cost Effectiveness

Insurance companies give away most of their salvaged vehicles for a meager price. Most of them do not even consider the prospect of them being rebuilt. In the hands of a good mechanic, you will be able to build the car for just a fraction of the price of another new vehicle. However, it is essential to carefully consider all of these costs before you go ahead with purchasing one.

2. Affordable and Resellable Car Parts

Insurance companies give away salvaged vehicles at low dirt prices. Even in the case wherein it is not possible to rebuild such a car into a working vehicle, you can resell most of the original parts of the car provided they are not completely damaged. In most cases, this would be enough to leave the transaction profitable for you.

3. A Customized and Reliable Automobile

In the case of a salvage car, you know exactly the deal at hand and the parts that you need to repair. Thus, you will be able to keep a better track of the status of your car and the necessary repairs. This will not only allow you to maintain a sound financial statement towards possessing an automobile, but also MakeoftheCar sure that you only spend what you need to.

Can there be an Undamaged Salvage?

Yes, indeed. It is mandated that if a stolen car does not get recovered within a period of 3 weeks or 1 month, it needs to be branded as salvage by the insurance agency. The insurance company also pays off the original owner of the car. If this car is found later, it is a salvage car without much damage. However, auto dealers are often tempted to sell such salvage vehicles at a much larger price than ordinary salvage cars. While buying such a car, it is often advisable to get it to check for unseen damage, especially if the dealer is offering it to you at a low price.

Where are Salvaged Cars otherwise obtained from?

Salvaged cars are obtained from various sources:

• Insurance companies Auctions
• Banks Repos
• Finance companies
• Fleet operators
• Auto Dealers
• Car dealerships.
• Insurance Auto Auctions
• Public Car Auctions and Government Auctions

As the salvage term itself mandates, the insurance in these vehicles is paid off. So, you do not have additional liability towards the insurance company. This allows you to customize and build your vehicle from the ground up freely.
In spite of the all the advantages of buying salvage vehicles, being able to realize a repairable and valuable salvage vehicle is difficult. This is where we come in. We guide and assist you throughout the process so that you get a salvaged car that can meet your needs.

Things to Take Care of

1. Price of the Vehicle

It is essential to factor in all the expenses that you need to incur after buying these salvaged vehicles. To do so, it is often advisable to have an expert at your disposable who can guide you on the appropriate value of the vehicle. In a number of circumstances, salvage vehicle dealers try to take away a considerable sum just because the car may look all right from the outside. However, in reality, the internal components are so damaged that the car is worth only the shell. In other circumstances, you need to be able to point out the problems with the vehicle to negotiate a price with the seller.

2. Rebuild/Repair/or Sell Parts

It is difficult to be fully prepared for what you will be receiving on a salvage deal. You need to understand if your vehicle is good enough for repair or is it just impossible to. If impossible to be repaired, it needs to be put under review by an experienced person as to which parts can be sold and which parts have merely no value. This will allow for you to save yourself from loss, and at least fetch you the money that you invested in it.

3. Handling Insurance

As already mentioned, the insurance is usually paid off for a salvaged vehicle. Even though this seems to be great at first glance, there are a few problems that you need to address. For your vehicle to be used on the road again, you need to have new and valid insurance. Insurance companies are often reluctant to handing over policies to rebuilt cars as they consider such vehicles to have a higher potential of breaking down. For the same reason, it naturally has a higher risk of getting involved in an accident too. Thus, before investing money into repairing or rebuilding the vehicle, it is often advisable to find an insurance company that would be willing to insure your salvaged vehicle. Perhaps, talking to your existing insurer for other vehicles would be an excellent place to start.

4. Operational Costs

While using a salvage car, you should also keep operational costs in mind. There is no point having to put in gallons of fuel for a few miles on a rebuilt vehicle. At the end of the day, you want to save some money by compromising for a rebuilt vehicle. For this, you can refer to your guides to help you understand the operational costs that you are likely to incur once you buy the vehicle.

A few Tips on Buying Salvage Vehicles

1. Check for Fire/Water Salvages

It is vital that you check if the vehicle has been in a fire or affected by water in a substantial way. This itself is not very easy to notice always. But with the help of our experts, you will be able to keep a better tap on that.

2. Little Resale Value

You should keep in mind that a vehicle once salvaged is always a salvage, even after the “rebuilt” tag has been awarded to it. Thus, do not expect for a high resale value even if you plan on spending a fortune rebuilding it.

3. The Right Price!

As a rule of thumb, keep in mind that the price of a rebuilt and repaired salvaged car is about 0.6 time that of the value of the car in accordance with the National Automobile Dealers Association. Thus, it is essential for to factor in all of the repair estimates while understanding the price that you are willing to pay for the salvaged vehicle.

4. Inspection Before Purchase

It is always beneficial to get the salvaged car you are planning on investing by an experienced mechanic or repair establishment to let you know of the possible expenditure you would be incurring. It will also help you give a better explanation to insurance firms towards insuring your car.

Should you Buy a Salvaged Vehicle?

Buying a salvaged vehicle can be just the right decision for you if you want to keep your finances in check. But, given the financial risks involved in the process of acquisition and repair, it is often advisable to scrutinize the status of any vehicle before investing. It is also essential to have a trust-worthy and approachable seller with whom you can discuss your concerns. If you are buying any salvaged vehicle, be it RVs, cars, or trucks, you need to keep the above considerations in mind for realizing the full potential of your investment.

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