Does Carvana Buy Rebuilt Title Cars – All You Need to Know About

Sometimes, a rebuilt title car may be a good purchase, but there is a reasonable chance that you will not be able to resell it down the line. An automotive company like Carvana may be able to assist you in such a sale, but does Carvana buy rebuilt title cars?

Carvana does buy rebuilt title cars under stringent circumstances. Carvana has a purchasing policy to put any vehicle, including a rebuilt title, through a 150-point checklist. If the rebuilt title car is not in running condition, Carvana will not extend you an offer to purchase. 

Although Carvana is a large company, buying a rebuilt title vehicle can be risky. The responsibility of purchasing a rebuilt title car is something not taken lightly. 

What Is Carvana And How Does It Work?does carvana buy salvage cars

Carvana is one of the largest online or virtual dealerships in the USA. The online platform gives clients access to a streamlined and user-friendly website where trading, buying, and selling can take place in minutes. 

The online process is paperless, and all details are verified within minutes once the requested details are loaded into the app. There are over 25000 cars to browse through and match your criteria.

If you’re looking to sell, don’t stress! Carvana has the same streamlined solution for you. Enter your car’s details and get an estimate in minutes. Once you accept, an inspection will be arranged, and the sale will be finalized.

Here is a breakdown of the Carvana process for buying and selling: 

Once you log onto the Carvana website, at the top right, there is s drop-down menu that says, “How does it work” From there, you will find a subsection – “Buying from Carvana.” Once you click on that, the page opens with the following information:

  • A link where you can browse 25 000 cars
  • Every car is sold with a ‘worry-free guarantee’ of 100 days or 4189 miles. 
  • Within that period, any incident is covered by Carvana
  • A guarantee you will find a car within your budget 
  • A promise that you will find a vehicle within minutes of searching
  • Personalized online financing options available with Carvana
  • You can “put a reserve” on a car, and Carvana will hold it for up to 30 minutes until the purchase is complete
  • Service agents are on standby and always available to answer your questions should you get stuck
  • A smooth and hassle-free payment process 
  • A seamless documentation and vehicle handover 

Technicians inspect all Carvana vehicles for any damage, including frame, flood, or fire. The technicians will recondition the cars as needed.

Carvana will give you a quote in minutes if you’re ready to sell your car. Here is what to do – on the landing page, you click on “How it Works,” and the second item on the drop-down menu reads “ Selling Or Trading In.” The page will open where you can do the following:

  • You enter the required details, such as the VIN and license plate number 
  • Click on get my offer 
  • Within a few minutes, you’ll have a market-related offer from Carvana
  • Everything is done online and hassle-free
  • The Carvana offer is valid for 7 days 
  • On-site vehicle inspection before the final transaction
  • If you accept, payment can be cash or direct bank deposit

Once you’ve accepted the offer from Carvana to sell the car, they will arrange an inspection and a safe, touchless collection of the vehicle. After that, payments are fast and can be made to a bank of your choice.

Carvana has a trade-in option covered if you decide you’re in the market for a new car. You follow the same route to “Selling or Trading In.” You can get an estimate for trading in your vehicle as follows:

  • Everything can be done online and at your leisure
  • You can use the trade-in value of your car as a straight swap or down payment on a vehicle of your choice
  • Trade-ins grant you tax-saving in almost all states and can be worth thousands.
  • Once your car is approved, you can choose from 25000 certified vehicles
  • Customer service agents can help you at any time if you get stuck
  • You can opt to get financing with Carvana
  • The vehicle pick-up is arranged 

Carvana’s convenience is unmatched, and each process is tailored to the individual owner, buyer, or seller.

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What Is A Rebuilt Title Car?

does carvana buy rebuilt title cars

There are two types of rebuilt title cars: one is a branded car, and the other is a clean car. So what’s the difference?

A clean, rebuilt title car has not been in a severe accident where the damage is irreparable. It can still drive without being hazardous to the driver and other motorists. The damage does not have to be disclosed if the car is up for sale. This would include damage such as:

  • Flood damage
  • Hail damage
  • Fender bender

A branded rebuilt title car has been in a severe accident where the damage is too significant to warrant the insurance paying for it being repaired. Damage to warrants a car to be labeled as branded or salvaged will include:

  • Major accident
  • Vehicle was stolen
  • Engine was replaced
  • The odometer has been rolled backward

If a car is rebuilt and passes the required state safety inspections from the DMV, it will be given a rebuilt title. 

How Can You Buy A Rebuilt Car?

Buying a rebuilt title car is possible but requires research and investigation. You can buy a rebuilt title car from private individuals and specific car dealers like Carvana. They take on the risk of a clean title or from a car lot that sells salvage or clean titles. 

The obvious priority would be your safety and the vehicle’s roadworthiness. Things to consider when looking for a rebuilt title car are:

  • Whether it is a clean or salvage/branded car
  • The damage was significant enough to compromise driver safety
  • Is the frame or chassis of the vehicle aligned correctly – there are specific tests for this
  • The insurance company that authorized the rebuild or repair
  • Where was the car rebuilt or repaired, and are they a registered autobody shop
  • A guarantee that the car is insurable after it passes inspection
  • Inspection papers and a pass certificate from the DMV

Once all the critical points are verified, the sale can proceed. You may save up to 20% if you buy a rebuilt title car.

Does Carvana Buy Rebuilt Title Cars?

does carvana buy damaged cars

Carvana does buy rebuilt title cars, but there are strict guidelines that the vehicle must pass before being considered. 

Carvana will only consider rebuilt title cars if the vehicle is in running condition and has passed all safety inspections. This is because they specialize in something other than vehicles damaged in accidents. 

Carvana’s Strict Guidelines For Buying Rebuilt Title Cars

Carvana will typically buy a rebuilt title car if it passes several tests. However, Carvana will consider a rebuilt title car, whether clean or salvage, as long as it is in drivable condition and has passed the state or DMV inspection.

If the rebuilt title or salvage car needs to be towed, Carvana will not buy the vehicle. However, once you’ve uploaded the vehicle’s details and it is pre-approved, a Carvana representative will meet with you and take the rebuilt title car on a test drive.

After the test drive is completed, the car will be subjected to Carvana’s 150-point inspection list. If it passes, the sale will commence. Carvana may place the vehicle on hold for a few days to ensure everything is in order. 

When Will Carvana Consider Buying A Rebuilt Title Car?

Carvana will consider buying a rebuilt title car if it meets strict requirements. Carvana places a high priority on its clients’ safety and the company’s reputation. 

Carvana will consider buying a rebuilt title car if:

  • The vehicle was not stolen
  • The vehicle can drive
  • The chassis or frame is straight
  • The odometer has not been tampered with
  • The DMV inspection has been passed
  • It doesn’t present a danger to the driver or other vehicles on the road
  • It can be re-insured 

What Inspection Process Does Carvana Follow

Carvana follows a comprehensive vehicle quality inspection process to certify cars that place on sale. The 150-point inspection covers car parts you may not even consider before selling. 

The 150-point list covers the following – 

  • The VIN number 
  • Under the hood
  • Vehicle Interior
  • Vehicle Exterior 
  • How the vehicle drives 
  • The vehicle’s appearance 
  • The detailing on the vehicle

Carvana guarantees that no vehicle on their website or smartphone app has been in an accident unless it is an approved rebuilt title car. 

Carvana puts all vehicles through thorough detail to make sure the car you buy looks as new. The Carvana detail includes:

  • Washing
  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning 
  • Shampooing seats and carpets
  • Paint touch-ups
  • Waxing 
  • Sealing 


Carvana is a leader in the online car market, offering sales, purchases, and trade-ins from the convenience of your home or smartphone. The online platform is user-friendly, and you have answers within minutes. 

Carvana promises to buy any vehicle, including rebuilt title cars, provided it passes the required inspections. Requirements are it must drive, has not been stolen, or the odometer has not been tampered with. 


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