How to Buy a Cheap, Drivable Used Car

Trust me on this, finding a cheap car is an easy task. You can go to a random auction center or a mechanic’s place and make a random selection. You can have a cheap car without spending too much. In the same way, finding a driveable used car is also an easy task. Of course, you might have to spend a little more for that. In any case, however, finding a cheap and driveable used car is one of the Herculean tasks out there.

It’s quite tough to find the fine-line between usability and affordability. The last time we checked, there are a lot of superb used cars out there, at every single auction. You just need the right amount of time and effort to find the best. In this article, we have a complete tutorial with tips on how to buy a cheap, drivable used car from a trusted place.

Know What You’re Up To

You should be conscious of the fact that you’re planning to get a used car, and not something brand-new per se. First of all, accept this: the older the car is, the better affordable it becomes. So, you should be ready to purchase a car that is older than the ideal time. Now that you’re planning to buy a car in 2018, you can go for a car that was made in even 2008. In short, 10 Years is a healthy time-span to choose.

You should also look for the miles that the car has run. According to expert, you can go for setting an expectation at 10,000 miles. Of course, this might seem a bit high, but these are not the old days, folks. A typical car that one bought in 2008 would be still powerful enough to keep you rolling. Just make sure that they did change the spark plugs at least once.If you are okay with the age and miles run, you’re ready to purchase the next cheap & driveable car for you.

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Find Cars at The Best Places

The place you are looking for the used car matters a lot. If you don’t look at all the possible places, you might miss the chance of having one of the best-used used cars from around. There are a bunch of steps you can follow so that you have one of the best vehicles.

The Internet is indeed the best place to find the used cars around you, instead of the offline method. You will be able to use a bunch of tools here, such as used-car portals, auction websites and general sites like Craigslist. The problem with Craigslist is that you are going to find more dealers than individual sellers.

Or, even better, you can choose one of the trusted and popular used-car sellers in the area. This way, you’ll have access to not only pre-owned cars but also salvage cars and other types of vehicles for sale. Or, if you are interested in buying it from a person, you should keep searching.

Once you have confirmed the place you’re buying from, there are some things to take care of.

How to Search for the Best Used Car?

Some of the criteria you should consider for getting one of the best used cars are as follows.

  • Budget is important, but you can get the benefits of negotiation. Instead of telling the final amount that you can spend, quote a higher amount and then try to bargain. You can inspect the vehicle in a thorough manner before bargaining.
  • Model of the car is another important thing when it comes to a used car, due to multiple reasons. In spite of that, you cannot do the first-level search based on brand and model. So, you should see what is in the store and choose the best from what’s available.
  • You should also make your own reference points for aspects such as Mileage and Distance. Of course, you can change this according to the budget and the vehicle you decide. However, if you have come down to a smaller list, this won’t be possible.

The Art of Avoiding Cars

An auction store or a dealer’s place is the biggest mixed bag you will find in the world of used cars. It means that you should avoid certain cars when you’re making the selection so that you don’t end up with a piece of crap. For instance, if you are planning to get a Salvage titled car, you should inspect the vehicle in a quite thorough manner. You have to make sure that the vehicle isn’t something temporarily fixed. Also, if you are finding something paradoxical in the vehicle history, it’s advised to avoid the particular vehicle. Unless you’re sure about the vehicle that you’re planning to buy, never make the purchase. Else, you’d end up regretting.

Inspection and Testing Matter

Without these things, you would never have a cheap and driveable car for you. The thing with inspection is that it should be thorough and be done with the help of an expert. We recommend taking a mechanic with you when you are up for purchasing the used car from a store or so. So, before you get your hands on a car, the mechanic can give you useful information on its condition. Or, you can get yourself familiar with the car world and see what damages matter and what don’t.

We take it that you’re a good driver, now that you’re planning to purchase a used car. So, you should get at least one test-drive before you finally pay the amount for the vehicle. This will help you to make sure that a car works on the road as it was said to do. Anyway, do not get started without test-driving the vehicle using one of the effective methods. We’d not rather purchase a vehicle if the dealer does not allow test-drive. This is more important in case of salvage cars too.

Wrapping Up

So, this is how you can purchase one of the best cheap and driveable used cars from around you. Just follow the steps we have covered above, along with your common-sense, to choose one of the best vehicles that are in the collection. It does not matter whether you’re going for a salvage-titled car or a clean-titled used car; a proper inspection will help you make the right decision.

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