How To Save On Gas?

In a world full of rising expenses, one of those is the price of gas. We all want to cut our gas consumption while still going places and saving on fuel. But how to save on gas?


Tips to save on gas:

  1. Check tire pressure
  2. Drive at a consistent speed
  3. Avoid idling
  4. Avoid rush hour traffic
  5. Use cruise control
  6. Use the correct fuel grade
  7. Keep your car in a good condition
  8. Carpool
  9. Use public transportation
  10. Remove excess cargo
  11. Know when to switch off the aircon

Saving on gas won’t only save you money, but it will also take you further and save the planet. Saving on gas will lead to less pollution, more energy for the US to use for other purposes, and more money for you to spend on holiday.

11 Tips to Save on Gas

You can implement a few things to save gas when you refill, maintain your car, and plan your trips. They are not impossible to follow, and you can become a gas-saving pro with a bit of practice.


tips to save on gas

Tip #1: Check The Tire Pressure

One of the first ways to ensure you save on gas consumption is to check your tire pressure frequently. The ideal time to check tire pressure would be once a month and before a long road trip. Suppose the tire pressure isn’t correct; then, you can lose 0.2% of your gas mileage in total.

Follow the user manual or the sticker inside the car door as guidance for the pressure your car needs. The standard guideline is usually between 130 and 135psi. Never go for the maximum pressure, as these are generally for extreme road conditions.

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Tip #2:  Drive At A Consistent Speed

Driving at a consistent speed will reduce fuel consumption and drastically increase your car’s fuel efficiency. To do this, ensure you come to a slow stop at a traffic light, gradually increase your speed, and don’t rev the car to a higher speed.

Most modern cars have a fuel efficiency monitor which shows you precisely at what speeds you use less gas. Suppose your vehicle doesn’t have this feature; stick to the speed limit. A rule of thumb is that fuel economy is excellent, up to 50mph. Above this, the engine starts working harder and uses more gas.


Tip #3: Avoid Idling When Possible

Whether you are waiting in a parking lot, in the drive-through at Mcdonald’s, or waiting to pick up your mother for a grocery haul, switch off the engine if you are going to wait longer than 10 seconds. You can save up to half a gallon of gas per hour by only switching off the car.

Please don’t do this at a red light, but if you have a quick start/stop vehicle, you can also practice this tip at the traffic light.

Another reason people like to idle a car is to warm it up during the winter months. This isn’t necessary, especially in modern vehicles, and most cars will warm up as you drive, reducing the gas bill.


avoid rush hour traffic

Tip #4: Avoid Rush Hour Traffic

This option is not always possible for everyone, but if you can do something else, like go to the gym or meet a friend for coffee and wait for the traffic to clear up, this can save you on gas. The constant acceleration and stopping in rush hour traffic will pump up the fuel bill just as much as your nerves.


Tip #5: Use Cruise Control On The Long Road

Cruise control is a great invention that lets you save on gas. However, cruise control should be used appropriately; otherwise, it can lead to more fuel consumption.

Use the cruise control on flat terrains and roads with no steep climbs or hills. The highway is a great place to stay in a chosen lane, switch on the cruise control, and cruise to fuel consumption and efficiency better.

On the other hand, cruise control on a pass or road that goes up and down will cause your car to accelerate when going up and brake to stay at the speed you set it at, leading to higher fuel consumption.


Tip #6: Use The Correct Fuel Grade

You might be adding premium fuel to your vehicle because it sounds like the better option, but is it the best for your car? Of course, the best fuel grade for efficiency would be the grade your manufacturer made the car run on.

Check the manual or call the service desk and ask them what gas your car was made to run on. Most cars are good with regular fuel, 87 octanes, which costs less and will last longer, saving you on gas.


Tip #7: Keep Your Car In Good Condition

Regular checks on your vehicle will ensure you save on gas. Service your car regularly to ensure the engine works optimally. Preferably service your vehicle with an accredited auto shop to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Check your tires and do your wheel alignment and balancing twice a year or before a long road trip. Looking after and maintaining your car will keep you safe and save you gas.


Tip #8: Carpool With A Friend

One of the ways to save on gas, which doesn’t include your car, is to share a ride with someone. You can take turns driving, which is perfect for going in the same direction. In addition, Carpooling can save half your fuel bill if you have a regular carpooling arrangement for work or sending your kids to school.


Tip #9: Use Public Transportation

A safe and affordable option to save the planet and some gas money will be to use public transportation. Of course, the train, bus, or subway is not always the ideal way to travel, but saving around 4 dollars per gallon toward your perfect holiday destination will make public transportation more appealing.

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remove access cargo to save on fuel

Tip #10: Remove Any Excess Luggage

A heavier cargo will increase the weight the car needs to carry and lead to using more gas. Thus, ditch the roof rack and caravan, and go as light as possible. By making the load less, you can save around $0,3 per gallon, depending on the size of your vehicle.


Tip #11: Know When To Switch Off The Aircon

The wonderful invention of air conditioning makes any road more durable. The problem with the AC is that it eats gas when you are in stop-and-go traffic or climbing hills. So instead, switch off the AC for the time being and be sure of saving on gas.



You can easily save on gas by paying more attention to your tires and car maintenance. When traveling, you can focus on keeping the speed consistent, use speed control, switch off the aircon in traffic, and don’t idle when unnecessary. You can also pack lighter when going on a trip or ditch your vehicle for a carpooling option or public transport.

Start implementing these easy tips straight away, and you will increase your car’s fuel efficiency, cause less pollution, and save money for any other expenses eating at your pocket.

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