Does lyft accept salvage cars ?

    DWQA QuestionsCategory: Salvage Cars QuestionsDoes lyft accept salvage cars ?
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    3 Requirements Your Car Needs to Drive Lyft!

    Are you looking for a way to supplement or even replace your current income? Do you love to drive and meet new people? Becoming a Lyft driver is the opportunity you have been looking for!

    As you consider becoming a Lyft driver many questions may come to mind. Do I need a specific type of car? Are any vehicles accepted? Does Lyft accept salvage cars? Taxis or other commercial cars? Large vans? Below we will review together the 3 basic requirements your car needs to drive Lyft.

    1. Must be a 4 door CarModel that is 2006 or newer
    There are no exceptions to this requirement. All four doors must be full sized and free to open individually. The vehicle must have 4 available passenger seats with working seat belts.

    2. Your car must be currently insured and have a valid registration
    You do not have to be the owner of the car, but the insurance and registration must be up to date. You must be an insured driver on the policy regardless of ownership status of the car.

    3. Your car must pass a mechanical and cosmetic inspection
    Your car must be in good running CarCondition with no major cosmetic damage. The interior of your car needs to be clean, stain free and fresh smelling. Salvage cars, cars registered for commercial use, and large passenger vans are not accepted by Lyft.

    Driving for Lyft is an opportunity to gain both a financially and personally rewarding experience!


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