Who buys junk cars ?

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    Who buys junk cars?

    For those that are wondering who buys junk cars, the question is pretty simple. The two main groups are collectors and pick and pull lots, followed by some charities. While it can be debated if charities purchase junk cars, as they usually offer a tax deduction for the vehicle, the other two typically buy the car for parts. While some collectors may restore the cars that they recover, they usually use the vehicles that they purchase to scavenge parts for vehicles that they currently own or are in the process of restoring themselves. Given how hard some parts are to find they are always on the lookout for cars of the same MakeoftheCar and CarModel of their pet projects.

    Pick & pull yards are also always on the look for junk cars as well, Their business is based on having parts available for a wide range of different vehicles, and they do this by buying cars from those willing to sell them. However, while collectors are willing to pay near the value of the car, pick & pulls may only pay an amount based on the weight of the vehicle as the vehicle is not likely to be used any time soon, and so it is expected to waste storage space until it does. Also, the yard has to worry about the eventual disposal of the remains that are not used. As such they are not able to pay the same price as collectors do.

    Thus for those wondering who buys junk cars, the answer is simple: It is generally collectors and picks & pull yards. When the vehicle is given to a charity that charity will usually either hold an auction, if it has enough cars, or will attempt to sell the cars outright. Of course, some vehicles are sold straight to those interested, making for a reasonably efficient way of dealing with them. Overall it is a rather simple system that usually works.


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